Hello, I am writing this piece completely disconnected from everything. I am here with people that I didn’t know three days ago and I am having pretty much the best time of my life.

Yeah, I escaped from the human zoo. And it feels nice.

But what does it mean? How did I escape? Is it permanent or just temporary? Well, it depends.

Escape from the human zoo is a project that took form of a private festival, placed somewhere in Lithuanian wilderness away from civilization. It’s a magical place full of amazing people.. musicians, philosophers, visual artists, joga teachers… There is a typy master 😀 And he is making chinese pu-ehr tea for everyone.

It’s pretty cool. The whole concept of this festival is basically to help you find the balance in your body and mind and simply live your life. Enjoy it, spend the time wisely, try to help and spread your magic.

Even though we know each other only for a few days, we are family. For a week or so, then this festival ends and we will return to the human zoo. The exhibition of the human lives wasted in the world full of… for the lack of a better word, full of bad energies. Things, that damage you in the long term, but are pleasurable in a short term.

Sugar, fast food, alcohol, cigarettes, smog, noise, pollution, hate, sadness, loneliness…

And other things that do not help you at all. And it is so easy to change it. Just be nicer, kinder, try to help, try to spread joy, hang out with people, be mindful, don’t be wasteful. Consumerism is bullshit…

That’s pretty much the concept

And it’s nice. It’s pretty nice to be disconnected… I have escaped from the Human Zoo. Literally.

So… what’s the point of this article? I think it’s this.

“Try to do things that feel good. And when it’s really good, you know it. You just know it.”

But what exactly is “truly good” ?? Well… I don’t know. You have to find it yourself. And it’s hard to get it right.

How to be better?

You have to drop your selfish wants and needs.The more you want to grab everything for yourself, the less you receive it. If “good” in your life consists solely from the stuff you “own” you will always desire more. And desire is a source of suffering.

Think about everything, that gives you anxiety. How much of it is caused by desire? To have more? To be more? To do more? Well.. probably a lot.

And some more buddhist bullshit about desire


If desire is the only source of suffering, can you simply stop desiring and be absolutely happy? Forever.. ?

Hmm… cool concept.

So if the only thing standing between us and the eternal happiness is desire, than how can I stop desire?

Well, there’s the story about a zen master who told his student to stop desiring things. Student than went on to live his life and after a few weeks, he returned to the zen master with question.

Master, I have tried to stop desiring everything and I am now almost free. But how do I stop the desire to stop desiring?

You basically can’t, can you? And by focusing on the desire as a concept, you will only start desiring more and after a while, this new “goal” overshadows everything else and you will be controlled by your desires even more, than before.

Instead of that, just be an observer of your emotions and impulses. Don’t control, don’t judge. Let your inner self shine. And even that won’t be always possible so be prepared, because you will screw up many times in whatever you do. And you will be sad and angry, anxious, you will feel uncomfortable, stressed and hurt. But it will be ok and the good times will come.

That is balance. Balance is in cycles. Like a nature going threw a particularly hot summer or a cold winter, even you will encounter tough times. And that is fine. Even the eternal happiness feels better, if you sometimes experience the dark side.



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